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At Kidmazing Dental and Orthodontics, our doctors review and examine each patient’s unique condition and recommend a treatment individually tailored for their needs. Our orthodontic treatments are centered around personal care and designed to promote long-term oral health as well as improving the aesthetic and self-esteem.

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Two-Phase orthodontic Treatment

Not every child needs early Orthodontic treatment (phase I), however such early treatment is at times necessary to ensure proper growth and alignment of permanent teeth. Early orthodontic treatment can prevent more severe problems later on.

What is Phase I

Early orthodontic treatment (phase I) is designed to help children who still have some or all of their primary teeth but have issues with improper growth and alignment of their permeant teeth. While there are different types of options available during early orthodontic treatment, the most common treatment includes wearing a palatal expander, partial braces and a retainer. Phase 1 treatment can address the following issues:
• Influence jaw growth
• Preserve or gain space for erupting permanent teeth
• Guide the growth growth of the jaw bones
• Correct oral habits
• Reduce likelihood of impacted permanent teeth
• Improve appearance
• Simplify or shorten treatment time of corrective orthodontic treatments.

Early orthodontic treatment (phase I) is a head start for phase II orthodontics.

What to expect after Phase I

After completing early treatment our doctors will monitor growth and development and evaluate the need and timing of the next phase or phase II. This phase of the treatment will address the following:
• Correct some bite issues
• Aligning permanent teeth into proper positions
• Improve teeth function and facial appearance
• Address any self-esteem issues regarding esthetics

When should a child see an Orthodontist?

The American Association of Orthodontics recommends an examination by an orthodontist by the age of 7 while children still have some primary teeth. If your children are regular patients at Kidmazing Dental, our pediatric specialists will let you know when or if you should see our orthodontist for a free consultation. While you child may have straight teeth, there may be underlying bite problems.

Some issues that may require an orthodontic examination include:
• Difficulty chewing
• Breathing issues
• Thumb sucking
• Malocclusion
• Speech problems
• Abnormal bites
• Crowded or misplaced teeth
• Jaw issues
• Facial imbalance
• Bite complications
• Protruding teeth

How long is the treatment?

The length of each treatment depends on your individual case and treatment, but most cases are between one to three years. After the treatment is completed a retainer must be used to maintain proper alignment.