“All three of my kids have been treated by Dr. Ali for several years. It was a huge relief to locate his new practice as my kids only feel comfortable with him as their dentist. With my oldest who is ten & my youngest who is two, I have complete confidence that my kids are getting the best care, knowing that Dr. Ali is treating them for all their dental needs. The staff is very friendly & attentive, which is a nice change from the previous practice he was at. The atmosphere is very calm & relaxing to help ease my son with his fears of coming to the dentist. Dr. Ali is always very personable with my children & great at making them smile! Dr. Ali has state of the art equipment & his office is very clean & welcoming. I would without a doubt recommend Dr. Ali to ALL my friends & family!”

– Jessica B., Carlsbad, CA

“Dr. Ali is amazing with my kids! He has been caring for my children’s teeth since they were babies & I couldn’t be happier with their care! My boys are very shy little ones & Dr. Ali makes them feel so very comfortable that they allow him to work on them very calmly! He truly is an amazing dentist. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my boys’ dental work other than him. The lovely staff & beautiful office of course doesn’t hurt!”

– Karla M., Vista, CA

“If you are looking for a dentist…look no more. Dr. Ali is the best dentist in town! He & his staff ARE AWESOME! I would never go to anyone else but him! We even talk about Dr. Ali & his staff during our family conversations. That’s how awesome he is. Dr. Ali is nothing but caring, gentle & loving. No complaints whatsoever! We love this office!”

– Chelo U., Carlsbad, CA

“Kidmazing Dental was awesome! I took my daughter Kaya, who is terrified of the dentist, & she had an amazing experience. Their customer service from the time you walk in to check out time is outstanding. My children’s past dental experience was horrifying. When we arrived home she would not stop telling her brother & dad how she didn’t even cry. Her brother is due for his dental exam soon & I can’t wait for him to experience Dr. Ali for himself. Hands down the best dentist in North County! Thank you, Kidmazing Dental, see you soon.”

– Teresa P., Oceanside, CA

“I have a 3-year-old & an 8-year-old that BOTH fell & broke their front teeth! I was terrified that my babies wouldn’t have their old smiles again, especially the 8-year-old who had broken her permanent teeth! But Dr. Asgari eased my nervousness with his kind demeanor & amazing way with my kids! My kids got their teeth fixed by him without being scared because he took the time to socialize with them & ease their nerves before getting to work! He takes time to make sure they are comfortable! It’s a great atmosphere to take your children for dental work! The work he did was amazing! It looks like nothing ever happened to their smiles & it helped my daughter gain her confidence in smiling again! I wouldn’t want anyone else working in their teeth! A+++ work!”

– Catrina P., Imperial, CA

“Best dentist for kids in San Diego hands down! My 3-year-old son fell & hit his mouth on the corner of his bed & smashed up his front gums pretty badly right before bedtime. We’ve bounced around to three other pediatric dentists for our son in three years, but really didn’t care for any of them. I called a family friend & she recommended Dr. Ali. We brought our son to Kidmazing Dental the next morning & Dr. Ali & my son hit it off famously!

“My son isn’t very cooperative when it comes to opening his mouth & letting a stranger probe around his gums. Yet, Dr. Ali was great at getting to his eye level, speaking in a calm & friendly voice, & talking about shared common interest (Hot Wheels cars). Dr. Ali got my son to open up & let him inspect the injured gums. He wrote up a prescription of antibiotics & things healed up perfectly. Overall, just a very pleasant experience with this office.

“If you’re hunting for a trustworthy dentist for your children, you should definitely check out this practice because you won’t be disappointed!”

– Philip V., San Diego, CA

“I was looking for a good dentist in my area & couldn’t find one. I was recommended to try Dr. Asgari by a college friend. I was hesitant as I live over an hour & a half away, but boy was it worth it. He & his staff took great care of both of my children. My kids were both comfortable & came out of there happy. Even though it takes me over an hour to get there, my kids won’t go anywhere else.

“New office is A+, staff A+, Dr. Asgari A+++!

“If you have kids, & they have teeth, then Dr. Asgari & Kidmazing is where you should take them.”

– Fabian A., Imperial, CA

“Awesome! Great office & great staff! I’m so happy I found them!”

– Mary R., San Marcos, CA

“Best kids dentist ever! I was told my 5-year-old needed a tooth pulled & two fillings. She was in the chair at my old dentist getting the work done & she kept screaming in pain. I had to stop the dentist twice because I knew that something was not right. The dentist actually asked me if I was “going to be a problem” & can he just finish. The assistant was so patronizing. She kept a weird grin on her face the whole time & called me “mom” twice in each sentence she uttered. My girl is very strong & has an extremely high pain tolerance. I knew something was wrong. I have never done anything like this before but I got her out of there. She had already been numbed up & given the nitrous but I went with my gut feeling on this and pulled her out of the chair & high-tailed it.

“I made the best decision. I found Dr. Ali Asgari at Kidmazing Dental. He was our regular dentist but had left this facility that I just described to open his own practice. When we found him my girls were so sad & scared but once we got in & he talked to them they were happy & comfortable. I came to find out all that stuff they wanted to do at the other dentist was just a way to get money, at my sweet trusting daughter’s expense. When we left, I tell you the God’s honest truth, my girls said, “That was fun!” Weird, but true. This guy rocks & the best part…he took our state of California Medi-Cal insurance.

“I want to tell all you parents out there that dentists will often perform unnecessary procedures just to get money. If it doesn’t feel right don’t let the staff bully you into sitting through your child being hurt needlessly. If you have doubt take them to Kidmazing. I found that he will put your child’s comfort & dental health before profit. Dr Ali Asgari has ethics & that’s harder & harder to find these days in the dental & medical fields.”

– Angela B., Escondido, CA

“I can’t say enough good things about the kind, caring, & helpful staff at Kidmazing Dental. I brought my son in while he was numbed up & ready for work, but turned away from another dentist because he was scared of the drill & had started to cry. We walked in the door at Kidmazing Dental (nerves frazzled & no idea what to do) & were immediately reassured that everything would be okay & they would take care of us. They got his x-rays from the other dentist within minutes & let us know that one of the cavities that the other dentist was going to fill was not there at all. They were completely honest & did not try to cause my son any pain for their gain. They worked with us & were considerably less expensive than the other dentist. Dr. Asgari was so nice & gentle & made the experience a very good one. My son is no longer scared of the dentist! They were not only kid-friendly, but I felt compelled to hug the dentist! Kind, honest, & caring! You really can’t ask for more! Get your kids in there! I guarantee you’ll want to hug them, too!”

– Jessica D., San Marcos, CA